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Corporate Culture

Company Vision:

Focus on Becoming the Most Competitive Comprehensive New Fiber Material Supplier in China

Company Mission:

Create Values For Customers, Happiness for Staffs; Promote the Development of New Material Business

Company Value:

Credibility & Innovation, Teamwork & Cooperation, Quality First, Customer Uppermost

Company Spirit:

Diligence & Hardworking, Perfection& Creative, Teamwork Supreme; Create Values

Company Management Philosophy
Customer Needs-oriented, Scientific Decision-making, Fast Execution, Perfection& Meticulousness, Teamwork, Responsible for ResultsCompany Business Philosophy

Credibility to Win-Win, Customer Comes First. Create Values for Customers by Good Products & Service to Realize On-going Deals.公司Company Tech Object:

Market-oriented; Combine Independent R&D and Tech Introduction to Develop Practical Techs and Products Meeting Market Needs and Enterprise Sustainable Development.

Company Service Object:

Smooth Information, Quick Reaction, Continuously Provide Customers with Anticipated Products & Service

Company Quality Policy:

Quality First, Provide Satisfying Products, Persistent Improvement & Enhancement.

Company Quality Concept:

Market-the Highest Judge, Customers-the Final Judge. To Establish our Brand Status in Customers, Chuangjia, Focus on Market, Stress on Products Quality & Service.

Company Environment Policy:

Trusty and Lawful, Clean Environment, Safety Participation, Prevention First, Persistent Improvement

Company Personnel Conduct Code:

Be Honesty, Work Industriously, Be the Problem Terminator