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As a supervisor of Chuangjia, I’m so proud of its fast development, but I’m clear of my job responsibilities, and I can also feel the heavy weight, willing to take the following Oath: 
1. Voluntarily abide by job responsibilities; regard finishing task with high-quality as super duty; be loyalty to the company; grow up with corporate.  

2. Be conscientious, take total responsibility of safety and efficiency of your department, and never delay.

3. Think about company benefit all the time, receive reward from company with a thankful heart, voluntarily accept criticize and punishment, and in the later working days, take it as a lesson.  

4. Never do anything against company, or anything harming company interests. company interests is your own interests. 

5. Safeguard organizations, communicate voluntarily, dare to shoulder responsibility, show each respect, promote the harmonious, high-effective, fast development of company.  

6. Actively participate and promote company reformation and management, study voluntarily and never fall behind, comply with any arrangements.