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our company in the fall of 2012 basketball game

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 After 15 days of fierce competition, the company in the fall of 2012 basketball game on November 16 perfect closing.
The competition got company units wide participation and support.
During the competition, each team athletes give full play to the spirit of solidarity, aggressive and "Friendship first, competition second" style, race out of style, race out of level.
All the staff, meticulous, serious and responsible, work on and carry forward the continuous fighting style.
All this fully reflects our general staff unity and self-reliance spirit.
Through this basketball game, not only enrich their leisure life, but also to strengthen our employees' exercise and sense of unity and cooperation, so that employees in a tight spare time to relax, feel the collective strength and warmth, enhanced various departments of the collective cohesion and mutual communication and understanding.
In this we thank our participating players, and will continue efforts to organize more and better sports activities!

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