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  • Product Name: PVC coated Fiberglass ElecInsulation Sleevings
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Product description:
◎ PVC Coated fiberglass  insulating sleeve (2715) Features and Applications

Is made of glass fiber woven and coated with PVC resin made ​​with excellent softness and flexibility, and good dielectric properties and chemical resistance. The products are widely used in motors and other electrical wiring insulation and mechanical protection.


◎ Product Specifications

Diameter (Diameter): 0.5mm-- 40mm
Breakdown voltage (Breakdown voltage): 1.5KV, 2.5KV, 4KV, 7KV
Temperature range (temperature range): -25 ℃ ~ 130 ℃;
Color (Colour): red line, green line, blue line, and a variety of other colors (red line, green line, blue line and all kinds of color)

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